Perlozzo speaks

I meant to post this last night, but I guess I was too busy googling Joe Girardi/Baltimore Orioles for the 847th time. Anyway, Sam spoke to his hometown paper, The Cumberland Times, and he had a few things to get off his chest.

Some highlights:

I told them they should have stepped up,” he said. “When all this talk became public, and they didn’t step up … That would have resolved it. But they didn’t step up, and no matter what, you don’t do that to me. You don’t do that to a guy who has been in the organization for 12 years and has done so many things for this organization.

“I told them they should have stepped up and said, ‘Sam Perlozzo is our manager.’ And then if they want to fire me two days later, fine. Just resolve it. But they didn’t. You don’t do that to me.”

“Or, you can say nothing. Because if you do say something, then you’re going to take the heat for the players you signed.

BOOM! I think Flanagan and Duquette are as much to blame for this team as was Perlozzo. They deserved to have heat. In fact, I think Flanagan should have been fired along with Perlozzo. The man is completely uninspiring. Usually when a manager or a coach in any sport becomes embattled, they get the old vote of confidence. That’s an employment death sentence too, but it’s common courtesy. I don’t think Sam apprecitated being left dangling the wind.

“It doesn’t matter how many right moves you make and it still doesn’t work. The manager gets fired. But not with the Dodgers. They fire their hitting coach. Here, we keep reshuffling managers.”

Is that a shot at Terry Crowley? Its definately a warrented shot.

When asked about the bullpen signings,

“Not really,” he said. “Walker, Bradford, Baez, Williamson, they never asked me. I told them not to sign Williams. But they went out and signed four guys without asking me.

Perlozzo apparently had no love for Todd, but I wonder why he used him more than Scott Williamson.

On what he had to work with…

Melvin Mora is hitting 40 points below his career average,” Perlozzo said. “Miggy doesn’t hit home runs or drive in runs anymore. Huff just started hitting and he has four home runs.

“Kevin Millar has a high on-base percentage, but doesn’t hit home runs. Do you want me to start him on the bases? Check the on-base percentage and the runs scored. It doesn’t jibe. We need three hits to get him in. You want me to start running Kevin Millar, Jay Gibbons and Aubrey Huff?

“Plus, we’re without (catcher) Ramon Hernandez for six weeks. You want me to rotate these guys, but they can’t hit.”

Pretty candid, pretty true. I think he sums it up.

On the team’s lack of public support, specifically the players.

“I’m going to be honest,” Perlozzo said. “Some people I have put a lot of work in for a lot of years never said anything. Yes, I think about it.

“But in the end, it’s how I feel how I did. It doesn’t make a difference to me what they do. When I put my head on the pillow at night and ask myself, ‘Did I do the right things?’ I’m at peace with myself.

The only thing that bothers me is I wanted to be the guy to take this team to the next level.”

I wish things could have ended up better for you, Sam. But this move had to happen.


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