Late thoughts

Pulling a bit of a late nighter since I’m off tomorrow and wanted to catch some of the “new Orioles.”

A few thoughts

-It was mentioned during the broadcast that Frank Robinson has expressed interest in the O’s spot. I love Frank and would love to see him back in Oriole organization, only not as manager.

-Trembley’s using the pen tonight. Trachsel didn’t have his A game tonight. Maybe reality is setting with this guy.

Trachsel- 4.2

Bell- 0.1

Williamson- 0.2

and now John Parrish is in.

– James Hoey and Corey Doyne were sent down as quickly as they came. I hope they didn’t bother unpacking. Rob Bell and Paul Shuey were called up.

– I’m curious to see if JR House and/or Jon Knott get a  call-up soon. I’m wondering if it was the front office blocking them or Perlozzo.

– Leo looks p.o’ed in the dugout.

-Man, the wheels fell off this game quick. Miggi could have used a little more infield practice.

-I think in the past two days I’ve posted more than I have in the past month. It helps to have something to talk about for a change. I feel a little re-energized.

Thus far we’ve seen


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