Girardi UPDATE #59598586850

The Washington Post has this article.

Most telling are the following:

MacPhail’s presence yesterday appears to have been a central component of the effort to land Girardi, who last winter decided against pursuing managerial openings — including the Washington Nationals’ — and instead took a job as a television analyst with the New York Yankees. Girardi cited MacPhail’s involvement with the Orioles as a reason for his interest in the position.

If Girardi takes this job, MacPhail will the reason why.

“Andy was the one who approached me about this,” Girardi said. “I know him pretty well. I have the utmost respect for Andy MacPhail.”

Like I said…

Asked what makes the Orioles job an attractive one, Girardi said: “I think the people, number one. Andy and Mike [Flanagan], it starts right there. Number two, the city and the tradition. And the challenge. That’s what competition is all about, right?”

Oh, there will be a challenge all right.

There probably won’t be an announcement for another week because…

One of MacPhail’s former Chicago managers, current ESPN analyst Dusty Baker, could be another leading candidate for the Orioles’ job. It is expected that the Orioles will interview at least one other candidate before making an announcement; Major League Baseball rules require teams to interview at least one minority candidate for managerial openings.

That’s enough Girardi talk for the day.


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