Manager search update

Gonna make this quick, I’m home on lunch and am strapped for time, hence no links to the Sun article. I’ll sum up what I’ve heard or read.

Joe Girardi is interviewing with the O’s today. That’s common knowledge at this point. It appears that Davey Johnson, yes Davey Johnson will interview along with Dusty Baker. In my opinion, Dave Trembley will manage the O’s for at least this roadtrip. There’s no real rush to plug someone in this situation ASAP. If Girardi or Johnson turn the job down, then I’m ready for Trembley to manage the rest of the year and see what he’s made out of.

Remember though, even if Girardi interviews today and takes the job, MLB rules stipulate that a minority must be interviewed; Hence Dusty Baker. Bear in mind that Baker and MacPhail do go back to the days in Chicago, so I don’t think this is merely a token interview. I might be in the minority on this, but I don’t think it would be all bad if by some chance Baker got this job. The one problem that I do have with him is that he is laid back or he has that rap. That’s not what this team needs.

It’ll probably be a week or three before the dust settles on this and they either name Trembley manager for the season or Girardi/Johnson takes over the team. I’m perfectly fine with either option. From what I’ve read about Trembley is that he has a hardass reputation. That’s great…that’s awesome. This team needs a swift kick to the butt, and if he’s the guy who does, more power to him.


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