Girardi Interviews/Johnson ‘Open’ to revisting O’s

Here’s the link to the Baltimore Sun article.

Here’s the highlights

Regarding Girardi

Orioles officials met with Joe Girardi for more than two hours about their manager’s post this morning in Chicago, and though no offer was extended, the 2006 National League Manager of the Year described the session as “productive”

No offer that we know of…

“They have a process that they need to get through, and we’ll see what happens,” Girardi said. “They basically told me that they wanted to do it sooner or later, but it is a process. It was a good meeting. I am not sure what their timetable is.”

The process of the O’s front office, usually leaves fans in tears.

We met for a couple of hours,” Flanagan said. “We’re not going to get into characterizing how well it went.”

My indifference to Flanagan has began to turn to distain.

According to two team sources, Girardi remains the front-runner for the job and could get an offer later this week.

If I’m Joe, I only take the job if there’s an agreement that they gut this bunch of sad sacks and whiners.

Now for the motherlode

Johnson, a friend of Perlozzo’s who said he planned to call the former Orioles manager, said this afternoon that he hasn’t heard from the Orioles, but he would certainly listen if they called.

“It’s no secret that I love Baltimore, and I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to accomplish there,” Johnson said. “There’s no secret about that. As far as them asking me back, it’s real premature. It’s always that way with you guys [in the media]. You guys are always 10 miles ahead of everyone else, or at least think you are.”

Asked why he would be interested in the job, Johnson said: “I like challenges. The one thing that I don’t like is seeing the great town of Baltimore not have a good team. That’s where I learned to play the game and I was fortunate enough to go back there and manage. I am just like other Baltimore fans that want their city to have a good time.”

If Girardi takes the job great. I think he’s a guy the team needs. If he decides to wait til the offseason and hope that he can get the Yankees job or a greener pasture, thats fine. Because I think Davey Johnson would be a helluva fallback option. Yeah, he’s older but then Jim Leyland isn’t a rosey faced babe either. Girardi or Johnson, I’m fine. I’m just worried that O’s will find a way to bungle this up and we end up Jim Riggleman managing this team.


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