Adios, Sammy

So it’s the day after and the whirlwind that was yesterday is over. Perlozzo had to go plain and simple. Granted, he was not the only problem. There’s plenty of problems but Perlozzo’s management was one. That said, I hate it for the guy. Here’s a guy who said that his dream was to be manager of the Baltimore Orioles. He got his dream job and that dream became a nightmare.

Perlozzo just seemed to be the wrong guy, wrong place, wrong time. Sam’s a baseball lifer, so he forgotten more than I know. Its just his style of managing and his strategy boggled my mind at times. But I’ve criticized the guy enough over the past year, its time to give the guy some props.

He’s been with the O’s for long time. He loves the team and the people and that’s great stuff. Here’s a man who sincerely loves the team and it probably really upsets him that he couldn’t turn the ship around. Angelos has offered him another job in the organization and I read that Sam said something to effect that “I need a few weeks to clear my head, but I wouldn’t mind it.” That’s good. I don’t think Sam’s a bad guy to have on your coaching staff, granted as long he’s not the manager or a hitting or pitching coach. Remember how the guy sprinted to third base between innings when he was the O’s third base coach? Sam has a geniune love for the Orioles and of baseball, and to that I thank him.

Of course, firing Perlozzo isn’t going to change the tide of the organization. Hiring Joe Girardi isn’t either. Hiring Andy MacPhail isn’t either. It’s the moves from this point on that will determine whether the manager of the Baltimore Orioles will turn the tide of this impeding decade of losing.

It’s time to shake things up.

That’s the only way the next guy won’t be Perlozzed.


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