A little more…

I’ve got to get back to work in a few and won’t be back until tonight, but I think the eye of storm has passed…for today anyway.

A few thoughts

I feel bad for Sam. Yes, he made some bad managing decisions and cost the team a few wins. But as Millar said yesterday, Sam’s not the one not getting hits or giving up runs in the eighth and ninth innings. I’ll give Sam his due tonight or tomorrow.

What goes with Leo now? They said he’d stay on…is this through the season or through his contract. This will be interesting to watch

Girardi? The offer is on the table I’m sure. The question is, does he want to manage this dysfunctional team?

The trading deadline…will we that firesale that’s been long overdue?

What will Angelos’ role in this. I studder at the thought.

It’s been a wild day. I’m sure I’ll have a few more posts tonight.


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