Yeah, I’ve slacked lately.

I haven’t posted much lately. Its not for lack of effort. I’ve logged in 4 or 5 times this week and attempt to write something…ANYTHING, but I had nothing. This team has not inspired me to write anything. Oh I could just repost something of the following templates that I have saved on here, like:

“Perlozzo needs to go”

“Good pitching performance by _______ ruined by absence of offense”

“The trillion dollar bullpen blows it again”

“Blow it up”

Its depressing. I pay 160 bucks a year for Extra Innings just so I can watch the O’s. It begins the same. The first month of the season I clear my schedule so I can watch my O’s. When they get off to a lackluster start, I simply say “Hey, it’s early in the season.” Now after several losing streaks and uninspired ball, I catch the O’s game if I have nothing to do. Like tonight, I just got home and turned the game on. It’s now the 8th inning and Bedard’s been great, but now it’s 3-1 in the 8th, 2 on and 0 outs. Something tells me that this isn’t going to end pretty.

Barring a miracle it’s going to a decade of losing. 10 years. To put this in perspective, the last time the O’s had a winning season was 1997 season. I was a gangly sophomore at the fine educational institutional of Travelers Rest High School.

Since then I’ve

  • Learned to drive
  • Graduated high school 
  • Have had 3 cars
  • Moved three times
  • Went to college
  • Worked full time for 5 years
  • had my wisdom teeth cut out

There’s a few more things I could on here, but I’ll do that another time…and I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. Anyways, its pretty damned depressing knowing that two years prior to my freaking senior prom would the O’s last winning season for a long time. Random fact that I still remember: My prom’s theme was “A Night to Remember.” I remember it because we all laughed about it.

Anyway, I’ll still be around. I’ll still post, but its hard to get excited about a team that gets swept by the Nats. The Nats are better than us. I used to take solance in the fact that “The Orioles are better thant the Pirates, Nats, Royals, Mariners, and D-Rays.” Guess what, we’re not. It’s time to cut bait on the bulk of this bunch of unlovable losers. I’m still planning to get up to my first O’s game this season. Hey, I’ll still watch the games when I have time… I write these words Todd Williams gave up a 3 run homer that foiled Bedard’s bid for a win. This is why I’ve been distancing myself from this team. Its the same stuff everynight. That said, I’ll never give up. That winning season has to happen at some point. And I’d like to believe after almost 9.5 years we’re closer to it rather than farther from it.


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