Wins make me happy

It’s surprising to say…but the Orioles have been…ENJOYABLE to watch lately. The offense has showed up. The defense has been stellar (1st in the AL). The stolen bases are wonderful. The bullpen has rebounded. And the starting pitching….oh the starting pitcher has been top shelf.

When Kris Benson, Jaret Wright, AND Adam Loewen all went down I figured that the season was screwed. Steve Trachsel, Jeremy Guthrie, and Brian Burres did nothing to excite me. I figured and hoped we’d trade/sign another wash-up to fill the void. When ever you WANT your team to sign Chan Ho Park, Brian Lawerance, or Hee Sop Choi, its a feeling that hurts your very soul.

Steve Trachsel is 4-3 (really should have two more wins because of lack of run support, but that’s baseball) and a 3.39 ERA. Will it last, who knows. But that 31 BB and 18 K ratio scares me alittle.

Jeremy Guthrie has been a joy to watch thus far. Low pitch counts, 7 and 8 inning starts and very few walks. He’s 3-1 with a 3.02 ERA.

Brian Burres was the one who scared me the most. He got roughed up in his first start and I thought that was that, but hey, he’s 3-2 and 3.08 ERA.

Are these guys Leo Mazzone jobs? Are they pitching over their heads? Career stretchs here? Frankly, I don’t care. I think a lot is Leo getting these guys confident and in the game. Last year, a lot of us (myself included) were uneasy with the lack of performance by the pitching staff. Look it know though. There’s been just a few games when the starters got shelled. The quality starts have been, but the lack of run support has hurt. The fact that the team has been able to take a 36 year old pitcher who looked done after last year and two relatively pitchers who’ve never had much success in their careers and plug the three of them and all three of them have succeeded is amazing.

Hey, I’m happy for change. There’s no criticism, no whining or bellyaching. And it feels good. If this winning keeps up, then I’ll have to stay happy.


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