More on Davey Johnson

The O’s have won 5 straight. Good…Great…Wonderful. I’m happy with that. The pitching has been great and the offense has been, finally, stellar. That said, the Davey Johnson rumblings are still…well, rumbling.

ESPN’s Jonah Keri has a great view on this:

 If the Orioles bring Davey Johnson back, it would be a sign that they care about winning.

According to a Baltimore Sun report, the Orioles would consider Johnson as the team’s new manager if they fire Sam Perlozzo. The calls for Perlozzo’s dismissal quieted a bit over the long weekend, as Baltimore won three in a row and reclaimed its hold on second place. Still, the O’s are again under .500, after Perlozzo rolled up a combined 93-124 record in 2006 and the last two months of ’05. You could argue that Orioles’ management has failed to deliver the front-line talent the team needs to contend in the AL East. But you can’t call the Orioles overachievers in the Perlozzo era either. In fact, crack open the track record of most MLB managers past and present and you’ll find that they neither caused their team to crater nor led lousy teams to unlikely glory.

But if there’s one unemployed manager who deserves the label of being a winner, it’s Davey Johnson. Check this out:

Team Years Before Johnson With Johnson After Johnson

Some caveats apply. Johnson often had the good fortune of taking over a team with rising, young talent — the 1984 Mets with Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry being a prime example. There’s also the question of whether or not the game has passed him by: Johnson, now 64, hasn’t had a big league managing job in seven years, and his last effort with the Dodgers was arguably his worst performance, given how the team performed before and after his departure.

Still, there’s a lot more winning than losing on his résumé. Johnson always had a knack for putting his best players on the field, valuing performance over name value. Jim Leyland’s successful return to managing shows that a good manager can flourish even after a long time away from the dugout. His firings usually had more to do with his abrasive personality and refusal to genuflect in front of ownership than any failures on the field. By bringing him back, Peter Angelos would be burying the hatchet over disagreements that happened a decade ago, acknowledging the O’s haven’t been the same since Johnson left. It would be a great move for a franchise that needs to get back to their winning ways of old.

Plus, then we can move on to why Bobby Valentine and Larry Dierker aren’t managing in the majors.

The win streak has bought Perlozzo more time I’m sure. I root for the Orioles to win, I never root for them to lose just so a manager gets fired. That’s highly unethical for a fan. But if it comes to if/when/maybe Sam gets fired, I sure hope Davey gets it.


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