Throw a log on the rumor mill…

On Fox’s pregame telecast yesterday, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Orioles are assembling a list of ‘outside candidates’ for the manager job.

Ok, so it looks like Sam might be doomed.

Let’s take a look at some of these likely candidates:

Jerry Manuel is mentioned

Joe Giaridi’s name will come up. I don’t think it’s likely because he’s already worked with one jackass owner already.

The bombshell came this morning. I saw this and I’ve been smiling all day.

The Sun reports that the O’s will give ‘serious consideration’ to bring back DAVEY JOHNSON if Sam gets canned.

I’d love this to happen because:

  • Davey’s a very smart manager
  • He can be a player’s manager, but he’s not scared to bark at a player either
  • Hiring him back might just undo the curse that’s been put on the franchise since he got fired.

Bring him back. It’s likely he won’t whip this team into World Series champs this season, but the whole inmates running the asylum will end. The best part is that I won’t scream at my television every time there’s a first inning bunt or when Sam pulls a starter too early or insert whatever else in here. There’s plenty to choice from.

Bring back Davey!


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