Perlozzo Watch Day 5

No game today. Hooray. This is something new I’m starting up, but it may not be a long lasting feature since Sam already has one foot out the door.

I’ve based the number of days from the watershed moment of Perlozzo’s big blunder, the Mother’s Day Massacre. There were screw-ups before then….many but that was THE one that set it all off.

Here’s the reason for the day why Sam has got to go:

From the Sun

After falling, 2-1, to the Blue Jays before an announced 24,339 at Rogers Centre, pinch runner Freddie Bynum and first base coach Sam Mejias exchanged heated words as they came off the field after the final out.”

When Freddie Bynum is exchanging HEATED words with coaches….geez…it’s crazy and not the good kind of crazy. To paraphase the great writer Shea Hillenbrandt “This ship is a sinkin’.” And Capt. Perlozzo has lost control of his crew and lost course of the ship.



One Response

  1. I,ve wondered for quite a while how long it would
    take for the loyal bird fans to get fed up with
    “Perloco,s” antics & how he screws up this team
    almost nightly by terribly bad moves,

    He himself being a former infield coach has not
    the smarts or gonads to demand of his players
    that they must have their heads in the game.Too

    Many times Tejada,s lack of concentration has
    cost the orioles outs when if he had been paying
    attention he would know how many outs there are.

    Routinely making mental errors at shortstop
    costs the birds games.My gripe is this fact that
    superstar or not when not concentrating on
    the game he should be set on the bench to get
    his head straight.As Perloco said to the press
    “Thats Miggys call” Why Sam aren,t you the
    manager ?Dont you make out the lineup?

    Also it wouldnt hurt in special circumstances
    to take a pitch once in a while,Tejada too
    often wailing away at balls that are clearly
    not strikes.

    Yes Sam, I,m afraid its time to go when your
    indifference to winning becomes a habit that
    you cant seem to break.

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