Is that this weekend? I must have forgotten somehow..

Yep, the biggest rivalry in the history of sports resumes tomorrow.

Dodgers v. Giants? Yawn. I’m nodding off at the thought of that.

Braves v. Mets? Are you joking? Surely you jest!

Red Sox v. Yankees? Ha…what are you smoking? You must work for ESPN!

Cards v. Cubs? Please, that’s small potatoes.

The one true and legendary rivalry resumes Friday. America’s darlings, the Baltimore Orioles visit the much loathed and hated Washington Nationals. You hafta know from the nonstop hype on ESPN. Everytime I turn to it, it’s O’s this, Nats that. Perlozzo is on, enlightening America’s sports fans with his vast wisdom. Dimtri Young, one of the premier first basemen is baseball history, is on trying to downplay the hype. They have comparsions of the two best GMs in baseball Mike Flannagan and Jim Bowden. The makes me make with an excited frenzy!

O how those Nationals make me sick!

The Orioles will visit the hate-filled atmosphere of the bloodthristy arena known to most as RFK.

The sharpest mind in baseball, the Oriole’s braintrust Sam Perlozzo, will have his work cut out from him this weekend as he matches wits with Manny Acta. Acta will have to keep his guard up against Perlozzo’s most dangerous mangerial tactic…the bunt.

Brains won’t be the only part of this deathmatch.The offense will be on display as well.

Dimtri Young, Ryan Langerhans, Felipe Lopez, and Austin Kerns could only dream of being as good as any Oriole!

Ryan Zimmerman? Please, I’ll take Melvin Mora any day of the week and 3 times on Sunday. Zimmerman doesn’t have that drive to do more and make up his own strategy as the game unfolds. It’s like having two Sam Perlozzos! It’s so unfair to the Nats, it’s almost criminal.

Storylines include:

Winston Abreu plays against the O’s for the first time since his release!

Ryan Langerhan’s quest to bat his weight!

Cristian Guzman’s vow to defy the critcs and prove that he is the best shortstop in baseball!

Miguel Tejada’s race for homerun number 3!

Freddie Bynum to unleash hell on the basepaths in the 9th inning!

Todd Williams proving that he’s a nightmare in relief (Not the Nat’s nightmare though).

Chris Ray looks to extend his lead for grandslams given up in the ninth inning!

In the Battle of the Beltway 2008, the O’s will take no prisoners and raze RFK, then make DC their own. What a glorious weekend it will be. Call into work, cancel your plans, and do everything possible to ensure that you don’t miss this classic. Thousands of years from now, this weekend series will be looked upon as the most important in the history of baseball.

I pledge my allegiance alright, I’m pledging allegiance that the O’s will trample the Nats!


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