O’s haikus

I could whine today about how we’ve lost 9 out ten in a rather limp fashion. We get good pitching and our offense comes up lame. The defense has been bad at times, bad enough for that one blunder to cost a game. The offense has stunk. It’s stunk like a dumpster full of rancid meat on a hot Carolina summer day.  Pop-ups, strikes outs, clutchless players, and groundouts….geez, it’s been rough. Maybe it’s a team wide slump.Maybe the team is just getting all the suck out of their system. All the hope that I’ve had bottled up for this season, has been thrown around, stomped, and kicked around. What better way to express my sadness than with haikus.

Bitter Old Man 

Again seven strong,

but yet again, no offense

Sorry poor old Steve.

Frustrated shortstop 

Range is declining

Batting average is still high

Miggi, hit it out

Huff, you kill me, yes

bat glued stiff to your shoulder

slow starter indeed

Genius at work 

First inning of game

runner on first, no outs

Sam signals to bunt

Puzzle piece that does not fit 

He can’t play first base

outfield defense is spotty

I wish Jay could hit.

Noodle armed pitcher 

2004 wow

maybe it was fool’s gold

Wright, where has that gone?

Veteran presence 

A weak bat he swings,

defense is bread and butter

Bako cuts his chin


Bases are loaded

two outs, and a 1-2 count

Huff hits a pop-up.

Bad times 

9 out of 10, boo!

watching games hurt at this time

one day we will win.

There’s no game tonight, of which I am thankful for. One can only hope it can only get better from here.


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