WNST says that Orioles VP and COO Joe Voss has resigned.

Posted by: Drew Forrester 5/2/2007 10:22 AM
I reported at 9:30 am this morning that Joe Foss – the O’s Vice Chairman – has stepped down after nearly 14 seasons with the club.

Not sure if it’s a “true resignation” or the “Davey Johnson-type resignation” (code word for: terminated), but my people are saying Joe took a new position with Erickson Retirement Communities. Evidently, this is something HE wanted.

Anyway, I consider this to be MAJOR news. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, from an operations standpoint, but the fact that the #2 guy (Peter, of course, is #1 and Foss would have to be #2) has stepped down is a significant development, I believe.

We’ll have more on it throughout the day both here at wnst.net and on the air at WNST 1570 AM.


Is this a big story? I don’t know. Until today, I didn’t even know who Joe Voss was. He was Peter Angelos’ second in command and a minority owner (don’t know if that changes). Is this a signal that things are about to change? Might this be the forebearer that Baltimore wants to see? Perhaps the old regime is finally putting up its stakes and Angelos is getting ready to sell? Or maybe, this is a guy who was ready for a change. He could have just wanted a new cushy job and that’s all there is to it.

But I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here. Why would someone resign to take a new job this early in the season and after an epicly limp run by the club? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will more changes to come.

Here’s some more of the changes I’d like to see happen:

  • Angelos sells. I really don’t need to explain that one. But that’s el numero uno on the list…by a mile.
  • Clean out the front office. I think Jim Duquette is a fairly good baseball guy and I have zero confidence in Mike Flannagan. Any good moves we see happen, I give credit to Duquette. But at this point, I say clean it all out. Hire a GM…not this Angelos nonsense of a VP of baseball operations and whatever else he calls them. Hire a GM and give him complete control on the look of the club and if the club sucks, you know whose fault it is.
  • Bye Bye Perlozzo. Before the season started I said that I would give Perlozzo until the All Star break before I’d cast judgement on him. Well, I’ve seen enough. This weekend was it for me. In Cleveland, with the protest game, why on God’s green Earth did the man not come from the dugout and argue? Why didn’t he even come out onto to the field and even ask? Sitting the dugout and whining upstairs, that’s awesome. I’m surprised that they even gave them the run back. With the fight in Detroit, where was he? I’ve got a new respect for Tom Treblehorn for going toe to toe with Jim Leyland. Same game, Brian Roberts gets thrown out on a steal attempt, it looks like he beat the throw (the Tigers’ TV guys even said it looked like he beat the throw). Roberts start to argue and where was Perlozzo? Sitting in the dugout and smacking that game. That’s just a few examples, there’s the bunting, the in-game strategy, the use of pitches, and the bench and roster make-up. I don’t think I have much confidence in the guy. He’s the most passive manager I’ve ever seen and I’m scared the team might give up at some point.
  • Roster changes. Fire sale, I’m not adverse to it at the point. It’s not working now, so why not at this point?

In the end, I think this is just the case of a guy who just decided to do a career change. I can dream that it’s a crack in the dam, but I’m not going to get to my  hopes up.


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  1. Intresting … Ben.

    I heard the name a few times, but I had no idea really who he was…

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