Whadda I say?

Last week at this time the O’s had just swept the Blue Jays and were a red hot winning 8 of 9. This past week?

Monday: Loss to Oakland 6-5

Tuesday: Loss to Oakland 5-2

Wednesday: Loss to Boston 6-1

Thursday: Loss to Boston 5-2

Friday: Loss to Cleveland 5-4

Saturday: Win over Cleveland 7-4

Today: Loss to Cleveland 6-1

Was our early success due to feeding on the likes of the Royals, Devil Rays, and an injured Bluejays team? Were these losses just a collection of bad breaks? Should we be concerned about the offense?

Some lowlights

  • Wasting a good performance by Daniel Cabrera Wednesday against the Red Sox by only salvaging 5 hits.
  • Chris Ray giving up a grand slam to Wily Mo Pena while holding a 2-1 lead late in the game. Ray hasn’t had a bad season, but two bad games where he’s given up grand slam blown saves. It stinks, but I’m not ready to give up on him. It’s early and the kid’s young. If it becomes a trend, we’ve got several guys who can close (Baez and Parrish).
  • Jaret Wright only going 3 innings and getting owned over 8.1 by Faustio Carmona. Wright….I don’t know if we’re going to see a lot him this season.
  • Jay Gibbons struggling something fierce, batting a meak 194. with a paultry .237. I don’t think it’s getting much better since he’s glued to bench with Millar outplaying him. It’s hard to get momentum when there’s little chance to play.
  • Bedard has been spotty. Monday he went only 4.2 innings against the A’s, 5 runs, 2 BB, and 6 K’s. Last night,  6 innings of work,  4 runs, 2 BB and 11 K’s. I think he’s coming around, but he’s had a round start as evidenced by his 6.09 ERA.
  • The offense is struggling.
  • The defense has been, shall we say…bad.

Take Faith….here’s a little bit of positives

  • The games have been close. We’re just finding ways to lose.
  • The bullpen has still been solid.
  • Loewen went six innings and looked fine, he just needs to cut those walks down.
  • Daniel Cabrera has cut down on his walks.
  • Ramon’s back and is making a difference.
  • Miguel Tejada has a robust .340 average.

It’s now on to Detriot for 3 against the Tigers, then back home for 4 against the Indians and then 3 against the Devil Rays. Hopefully we can get the offensive ills righted and get back to winning these one and two runs games.

I guess it could be worse….we could be the Yankees.


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