I’m nuts for Knott

My new favorite O of the moment is Jon Knott. Knott was called up last weekend with Patterson going on the bereavement list and Birkins being sent back down.

I’ve seen Knott the past two games and it won’t make me happy if he gets sent back when Payton comes back. Sure the guy’s only played two games but 3 for 4 with a HR and 3 RBI and a BB is a nice contribution. He’s a big boy, so his outfield defense will not be gold glove calibur, but he’ll be better than Millar and equal or better than Gibbons.

Of course when Payton comes back he’ll start taking time in left. What I’m hoping for is that he gets starts in center against LHP because Patterson sucks at hitting lefties. There’s going to be a veteran log jam with Millar, Patterson, Payton, Gibbons, Huff, and I hope Knott vying for playing time at DH, LF, CF, and 1B.

Even if he doesn’t have his name in the starting lineup everyday, I want Knott to stay in Baltimore for the sole fact that he will be a bat on the bench that can deliver a hit. I don’t think Freddie Bynum, God bless him, has that ability. He had a good series against Tampa, but I don’t think that’s what we’d see from Bynum on a day to day basis. Knott, I think, has more to offer to the team. Whether on the bench or in the line-up.

With Payton returning, here’s what I suggest:

Send Bynum down

Keep Knott

Split Left b/t Payton and Knott

Keep Millar in the lineup everyday until he cools off, at 1B or DH ONLY

Don’t be afraid to sit Huff a little, he is a SLOW starter

Using Gibbons as a part-time DH and hope he gets streaky

Sit Patterson against lefties, Have Payton start in center those days

Use Knott as DH from time to time

I like Knott and I hope he stays, but he’s going to have to keep this up so that management can not find a reason to send him down. Things like when Millar was stranded between home and 3rd and Knott went ahead and ran to 2nd just to get caught in the run down so Millar could score, things like that will hopefully keep him on the team. That was smart baserunning on his part.


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