Comeback win

The O’s took down the D-Rays tonight on was an unbelieveable game. It was a horrible game that turned into a great game. I don’t know how to explain it. It was pure magic..unless you’re a Devil Rays fan. We looked hapless, we look inept and Freddie Bynum looked at his team and said “No way are these guys beating us tonight. Jump on my wirey shoulders and I’ll carry the Orioles to victory!” Freddie Bynum would not let the O’s lose tonight.

Here’s the Honorary Freddie Bynum Recap of Notable events

The following happened:

-Adam Loewen did not have good control tonight, walking 5 in 3.2 innings. His ungluing point was…

-A 3 error play on a grounder. Huff had 2 error and Paul Bako had 1. It was one of, if the worst play, I’ve ever seen. After that…Loewen was rattled.

-Bases then loaded and Loewen gets the hook. Jeremy Guthrie comes in and his first pitch was an inch from a grand slam. Three runs come in and Guthrie calms down and gives up only one run allowed to him.

-Then the magic happens. Freddie Bynum, who I thought would only contribute an 0-4 and a couple catches in center, hits a two run shot. It’s now a 7-3 game. I missed the first score because I turned the game off for a little bit out of disgust.

-Melvin Mora hits a two run homer. The hits start coming and the O’s start to feast on the carnage that is the D-Rays bullpen.

-Jay Gibbons drives in two with a nice double.

-Freddie Bynum continues his epic career night and drives in the go-ahead with a grounder.

-The bullpen was clutch.

-Bradford gave up 2 hits and with two outs, my new favorite O John Parrish got a strike out to stomp on the Rays hopes. Parrish has 12 strike outs in 6.2 innings. 12. Baez had a 1-2-3 8th.

-Aubrey Huff wakes up after the two error play to get a double AND a stick it to you Tampa solo shot.

-Melvin Mora makes a leaping catch to steal a hit. He had to have seriously get 3 or 4 foot off the ground.

-Chris Ray gets the save. Number 4 on the year.

Games like this makes it great to be a fan. Yes it was Tampa, but coming back from 7 down is huge. We’ve won 4 straight and are now 7-6. The offense came tonight and the bullpen is clutch. There’s two more against Tampa and I’m hoping for the sweep and the O’s can go back to Baltimore 9-6 and have Ramon and Payton back in the lineup.

Tonight, and maybe tonight’s the only night anyone can say this, Freddie Bynum…you are the man.


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