Call-ups…and this time NO PITCHERS!!!!


First off, sympathies to Corey Patterson who’ll be out til likely Thursday after the death of his Grandfather.

To take his spot, the Orioles have called up outfielder Adam Stern. Then, wisely, the O’s sent down Kurt Birkins trimming down the pitchers to 12. John Knott will take his spot.

Bench as of now:

2 of the three of Bynum, Stern, and Knott, Castillo, and Gomez

I’m sure we’ll be treated to at LEAST one night of Freddie Bynum starting in center, I’m willing to deal with that. But I want Knott (in Left) and Stern (in Center) to get at least one start too. Bynum is what he is, a medicore player who has some speed and defense but can’t get on base. Stern and Knott have some upside and I hope the team will use this chance to let them show what they can do. If it’s Gibbons/Millar in left and Bynum in center this whole week, It won’t reflect well on my opinion of Sam Perlozzo. I don’t want Knott and Stern getting one garbage at bat in the ninth inning and that’s all they get either. I want them to get real playing time. A game, hopefully two.

Ramon Hernandez looks to be back Wednesday, Patterson back Thursday and Jay Payton will likely be back Friday. Which is great news. Hopefully this means Castillo and Bynum get sent down.

Bench of Gibbons/Millar, Stern/Knott, Gomez and Bako.

This would be a lot better than what we’ve got now.

In case you didn’t know, the finale against the Royals was a rain out, so it’s another day to bask in the glow of being a .500 team.


One Response

  1. I didn’t know we had anything but pitchers to bring up. haha

    I’m a little confused as to why Bynum is still on the team though.

    I know it has something to do with him not having options left. As if ANYONE in baseball would claim him on waivers.

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