Nick’s Grand Slam

Just wanted to touch on this real quick.

Nick Markakis’ at bat one of the best at bats I’ve ever seen. I’m saying that as a baseball fan, not just an Orioles’ fan.  He went 0-2 on two pitches on 2 fouls and I was sitting there thinking, “Geez, we’re going to waste a chance to break this game wide open.” Then he fouls off three more pitches, still 0-2 count. Then he takes a ball 1-2. A few more fouls, I believe he fouled off 8 pitches and then it went to a full count. When he made contact, I knew that ball was gone. The thing abaout Markakis that impresses me the most is his eye for pitching. It took guts to take ball 3 standing when it’s a 2-2 count, but he did and it was a close ball, but it was definately a ball. Players like him give me hope for this franchise.

Speaking of hope for the franchise, the starting pitching has been rock solid. Steve Trachsel ended up pitching 7 innings last night. I hated the signing at that time, and after two starts he’s got a 2.63 ERA, but he doesn’t have anything but a 0-0 record to show for it. Bedard wasn’t at the top of his game tonight, but he still had 9 Ks and only gave one run. After 6 innings, the game got handed to the pen and it did it’s job again.

Random Stat: I’d never have thought this would be the case at any point in the season, but Paul Bako has more RBIs than Miguel Tejada at 5 to 3. That’s bound to change soon enough, but it’s good to see Bako getting a few hits.

Didn’t see this coming in a million years, but Carl Pavano is  hurting yet again. I’m surprised it took this long. This is rotten news for the Yanks though with Wang out, Moose having hamstring issues, Jeff Karstens doing some rehab starts and now this. The Yankees pitching when healthy hasn’t been great, but they’re just a little snakebit right now. I’m sure, sadly, they’ll get their pitching together and healthy soon enough, especially after they sign Roger Clemens.

Daniel Cabrera takes the mound tomorrow. If we win, we’re .500 baby! 


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