Losses like this…

Really rips out your heart.

I’m going to question Perlozzo here.

-Why take out Huff? I know the logic, but I don’t like it. Freddie Bynum was only there to run and it didn’t matter. The game went on and all though Gomez, who took Bynum’s spot after that inning, never got an at bat, he was one player away. Huff’s bat would have been a lot more important than Bynum’s speed.

– The use of relievers. The bullpen was good tonight, all the bullpens and starters were good tonight….except for that one Kurt Birkins pitch. I didn’t like the fact that every reliever was on a one inning leash.

Here’s the bullpen’s pitch count. 

Parrish 14-9, Bradford 9-7, Baez 19-9, Ray 15-13, Walker 13-9, Williamson 9-7, Birkins 32-20.

Would it have been unreasonable to think that some of them to pitch 2 innings?

Here’s the Tigers’ bullpen pitch count

Rodney 32-19, Ledezma 28-21, Seay 14-10, Jones 4-2

Rodeny and Ledezma both pitch 2 innings a piece.

I’m not wanting to get an anti-Sam stance this season, but games like tonight make it tempting. Leyland used his bullpen smarter and he had to trust let them go more than a single inning. I was hoping this season he would have some improved in game strategy with that new bullpen. Well, the new bullpen did it’s job…but it was mismanaged and one of the guys from last season did his thing.

It’s disheartening because we’re seeing a string of quality starts. In fact, the only bad start we’ve had was Jaret Wright in Minnesota and we’re not seeing wins from them due to small daming things.

On the topic of Jaret Wright, no new news. I felt bad for the guy because he looked pretty good out there last night. The first two innings, he had me worried. Once he settled down though, he solid. Here’s hoping the injury is nothing 15 days can’t fix.

On a good note, the Orioles have KC for 4 games and 3 with Tampa next. Here’s hoping we see some offense and some improved management.


3 Responses

  1. Bradfor certainly should have been able to go an extra inning. Pulled after 9 pitches?

    What’s Perlozzo saving the pen for? The mighty Royals offense?

    Give me a break. He should have his next 4 starters go 6 innings or more against the Royals. Why save the pen last night?

  2. You are right that Sam has not been particulurly sharp this season but he gets a “Joe Morgan in Boston” treatment from me. The guy is such a good guy and he has been with the club for so long. I was disapointed he didn’t originally get the job after Hargrove was fired and it went to Mazzilli, but if he wants to keep his job, he is going to have to realize the rotation is better than expected, and the “revamped” bullpen is not that improved. See: Walkoff loss on saturday in the Bronx. Should’ve kept Trachsel in longer.

  3. I want Sam to succeed. If he succeeds, then the team wins. He’s a likeable guy and that’s all well and good, but I’d rather have someone who knows how to handle a game better. I’m going to give him til the all-star break and see how things are before I call his head. As for the bullpen, I think it’s much improved. The last two nights they’ve been good, they’ve just been misused or rather underused. Birkins was a holdover from last year and shouldn’t have been called up in first place. We need someone who can hit on the bench. Not twenty pitchers.

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