Yankees get Ba-KO’ed

If someone would have asked me the odds that an Orioles game would be decided by a Paul Bako homerun, I’d say they’d be the same as me winning the lottery and getting hit by lightning at the same exact moment. It’s great stuff though.

With some of the teeth-gnashing that’s been heard with the 0-3 start, here’s a recap of today’s action with O’s Homer and Disgruntled fan.

With Today’s win, the Orioles took 2 out of 3 from the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, your thought?

O’s Homer: It’s great. We got swept at Minny, but to come to New York and take 2 from them is big. The offense came to town and the starting pitching was rock solid. I can’t find much to complain about.

Disgruntled Fan: First off, we should have swept them. It’s all fine and good that we won 2, but we’re still 2-4. I’d jump off a bridge if we got swept. The Yankees starting pitching is a joke. Honestly, it makes our pitching look like 4 Cy Young winners…Jaret Wright excluded.

Paul Bako and Kevin Millar were the difference makers today, surprised?

O’s Homer: Millar, no. He feeds off all that Yankee hatred from his days with Boston. He got off to a bad start, but these are the days that get you in groove. I think we’ll see some more of this from him. Bako, I have to say I was surprised at that one. But it’s those moments that make you feel good.

Disgruntled Fan: Millar is going to give you some good days and then he’s also going to give you plenty of 0-3, 0-4 days. He’s a bench player and I look forward to the day where we won’t have players like him in the starting line-up every day. When Paul Bako hit that home run I fell out of my chair and had to perform the Heimlich on myself because I also choked to death eatting Easter Eggs that I stole from little kids’ baskets today. I can wholeheartedly say this will be the highlight from his Orioles career.

Chris Ray overcame Saturday’s nightmare and got the save today. How do you feel about him now?

OH- I wore my MLB Authentic Orioles Home Chris Ray Jersey today to show my support for him and give him a little good luck. I love Chris Ray. He proved his worth last season and with a better cast in the late innings ahead of him, he’ll get 40 saves this season.

DF- Chris Ray scares me. His saves are rarely 3 up, 3 out. There’s always a hit and he’s always relying on the defense. Did you see Corey Patterson’s catch? That saved his bacon. I remember last season Corey made several ninth inning saves for Ray. He’d better buy him a Rolex for all the times he’s bailed him out and will this season. Ray seems to have one pitch..that fastball and he gives up hits.

Impressions on the bullpen, Yea or Ney?

OH- For the most part, Yea. It’s very early in the season to really judge it, but Jamie Walker’s really been great and John Parrish has come back solid. I really haven’t seen enough of Bradford, Williamson, and Baez to make a judgement, but I’m going to say they’ll be great.

DF- I will say this, if we have that motley crew in the pen pitching this series we’d be 0-6. I do like Jamie Walker. Parrish, I want to see more of him before I crown him Overlord of the Bullpen. Baez, Blah. I said this was a bad signing and I felt sadly vindicated yesterday.

What did you guys think of the starting pitching this series?

 OH- I thought it was great. Adam Loewen beat the Yankees again, Steve Trachsel went 6 and two-thirds innings and Bedard went seven. We’re seeing starters go longer in games. Bedard looked great today. He didn’t give a walked and besides that A-Rod homer, he was in control all day. Once everyone gets a couple turns in the rotation and gets the juices flowing again, I think they’ll all get in a groove and you’re going to see some pure magic on the mound. This is year two of Leo Mazzone and this year, we’re going to reap some rewards from it.

DF- Bedard, I’m not surprised. I like Bedard and I was expecting. Loewen, eh….he’s going to have to go more than five innings and get that control together. I think this kid has some stuff, but he’s going to have work into the 6th and the 7th. We don’t need 5 inning starters. Trachsel, don’t count me as impressed. Trachsel had a good start, Paul Bako hit a 3 run homer, and a blind pig found an acorn. These things do happen. I don’t expect players who stink to stink 100% of the time, but don’t expect Trachsel to pitch like this every 5th day. In fact, I’ll be surprised if he’s around at the break. With the starting rotation in general, we have 3 solid starters, who have potential and two who are the equivilent of dead wood. Don’t get me started on Jaret Wright. The bruises on my arms from Thursday are still purple from where I was punching myself.

Nick Markakis had a great series. He showed his offense by going 7 for 15 (1 HR, 3 RBI). Most importantly, he really showed some serious leather this weekend. How are you guys feeling about him?

OH- Seriously stoked. What you saw this weekend is what we’re going to see day in and day from this kid. The sky is the limit with him. I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s got a great eye for the ball and has great speed. I can’t say enough good things about him, in fact, I just got name and number tatooed on my back so it looks just like his jersey.

DF- I love Nick. This team needs him to do what he’s doing because the future of this franchise rides on him. I hope he keeps it all up.

O’s Home Opener against the Tigers tomorrow, predictions?

OH- Hey, The O’s are on a roll. Sweep all the way.

DF- Well, let’s see we’re facing the AL Champs at home in front of what I’m sure will be a half empty stadium with the exception of Tigers fan who make up 2/3rds of the crowd. I’m thinking sweep too but it’s not the O’s with brooms.

That’s all the time I’ve got. Thanks you two for your passionate and completely opposing points of views.


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