I missed the game today and I’m glad I did.

I listened to an inning in my car and we were up 7-3.

Steve Trachsel shocked us all and had a good day pitching and Melvin Mora was raking….completely raking. Nick Markakis hit his first homer of the season and I went about my day feeling good. We’re coming around, we had a rough go in Minnesota, but this team’s coming together. The bullpen IS our strength this year. That’s why we spent the money.

Sadly though, everyone has bad days. It’s a shame Danys Baez and Chris Ray had to have their numbers come up today.

A-Rod..unclutch, choker A-Rod is at the plate. Bases loaded. 2 outs and a 1-2 count. We all know what should happen here. He should strike out and further cement his place as the bastard child of the Yankeedom. But no, he hits a walk-off grand slam and gets a standing o from his legion of hecklers. For one day, the O’s forced the fans of Yankees to cheer their bane.

This one hurts.

Our bullpen is better and will be better this year. But this happens, show me a bullpen that never gives up a game during the season. None the less, I’m not very happy. We could be 2-3 and looking to sweep the Yankees tomorrow. But now we’re 1-4 and need to win tomorrow.

It’s still early. That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

I’m not going to let a pair of wretched performances by our relievers dampened the fact that our offense showed up today and old man Trachsel gave it his all today. Nope… 

But man, that’s rough one to lose.

A rough one.


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