Not a Good Start

Well, we’re 0-3 after getting swept by the Twins. Last night was ugly, but I’m not going to press the panic button yet and proclaim that the season is lost. It’s only 3 games in a 162 game season. We don’t have Ramon Hernandez or Jay Payton right either, so that’s hurt a lot.

Last night was the only game of the series I thought we stunk. Jared Wright looked nowhere near good, going only 2.1 innings and giving up 4 hits, 6 runs (4 earned), 1 K, and 5…yes 5 walks. He didn’t look good at all, but it’s only one start. I’m thinking though, he’s going to be on a short leash. Even if Wright had pitched well, the offense and defense were of little help. The O’s had 3 errors, including Jay Gibbons dropping a foul that would have ended the inning and then Tejada has a ball bounce off his glove the next pitch, which cashes in two runs. It was a painful game to watch, but I’m not going to dwell on the negatives, here’s some positives things I saw from the series to keep your spirits up.

– Daniel Cabrera. He looked mighty good and should have gotten a win Tuesday night, but here’s hoping he works on his defense this week.

-Aubery Huff- he hit.455 this series and looks like he’ll really help in the lineup.

-Miguel Tejada- outside of that play last night, his defense looks A LOT better than last and he hit .364 this series.

-The bullpen- it looks a lot better. Jeremy Guthrie (3.38) and Scott Williamson (13.50) are the only relievers to have ERAs over 0.00. That’s an improvement over last.

So take heart and don’t jump off that bridge yet. We got the Yankee Killer, Adam Loewen facing the Yanks tomorrow and I’m betting we’ll see some offense.

Remember, It’s a LONG season.


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