Trade winds abrewin’?

From the Sun:

Another possibility beyond Stern and Bynum is Kansas City Royals outfielder Reggie Sanders. The Orioles and Royals have had several discussions about the veteran right-handed hitter in recent days, according to an industry source. Kansas City is seeking a reliever, but any deal most likely would hinge on the team’s picking up most of Sanders’ $5 million contract for 2007. The Orioles, in turn, would have to make sure they could provide enough at-bats for Sanders to keep him happy.

Early estimates have Payton missing one to three weeks.

It appears Todd Williams is the name being mentioned in the Sanders talk. I really don’t care for this. Sanders is 39 years old and would just be another one of the Conine-esque veteran presence things. I don’t think he’d get enough at bats when Payton gets back to keep him happy either. I say we just suck it up and have Gibbons play left for 1-3 weeks, have a 5 player bench with Stern and Knott and let these guys show they can or can’t play at the major league level before we trade for someone who won’t have much use in a couple weeks. It’s not so much giving up Todd Williams, it’s just making moves that make more sense over the course of the season.

Also from the same article:

Meanwhile, the Orioles optioned pitcher Sean Tracey to Triple-A Norfolk and reassigned outfielder Jon Knott and catcher Eli Whiteside to minor league camp. They also announced that outfielder Ruddy Yan, infielders Cesar Crespo, Mike Cervenak and Terry Tiffee, catcher J.R. House and pitchers Andy Mitchell and Steve Green will remain with the club through the rest of the exhibition schedule before being reassigned.

Here’s the full article.



One Response

  1. 5 man bench? Ha! We’ll be lucky if we have a 4 man bench as Perlozzo has been leaning toward carrying 13 pitchers.

    But I agree with carrying a five man bench, at leat to open the season…

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