Another Long Reliever in the mix

The Orioles signed Sean Tracey, strike that…rather, they CLAIMED him off waivers today from the Chicago White Sox.

I’m assuming that Tracey will thrown in the mix to compete with my boy Jeremy Guthrie, the Phoenix known as Todd Williams, and the rebound trail bounded, Rob Bell.

Judging by his stats (I love for minor league stats), up until he got his major league call-up last season, he was used as a starter. I’m just guessing here, but I’m wondering if he’s going to be looked at as Trachsel insurance. Todd Williams certainly can’t be used as a 5th starter, likewise Rob Bell. You can make a strong case for Guthrie. I’m guessing they want Hayden Penn to get more time in the minors (or they’re shopping him), because he’d seem like a fit as long relief until/if Trachsel gets the hook.

I don’ t think this is bad move. It could be one of those under the radar moves that works. Or it could mean absolutely nothing and Tracey is nothing more than a warm body. I just find this surprising with pieces like this on the O’s website saying how crowded and heated the competition is this last season.

Here’s what I’m guessing:

Todd Williams- makes the team. Perlozzo’s familiar with him and that’s going to count for A LOT.

Jeremy Guthrie- makes the team, his spring has been too good.

Rob Bell- Norfolk bound, if he has that option…and I’m not sure he does.

Kurt Birkins- I’ve forotten all about you, but he’ll be in Norfolk.

Sean Tracey- Him and Guthrie are interchangeable here. Only one of them will make the 25 man and I’m guessing Guthrie because he has to be on it, otherwise he’s waived. I’m not sure of Tracey’s status with that…but I’m guessing if he has any stuff, we’ll see him Baltimore soon enough.

To make room for Tracey, Kris Benson was put on the 60 DL. Thus making his season look more and more over.


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