Happy Birthday to ME

March 22nd is my birthday (may the downside of my 20’s officially begin), so I’m gonna do a late post tonight because chances the next two days will be busy.

Here’s my BOLD predictions for the season

Steve Trachsel will not be in the O’s rotation all season

Jaret Wright will have a decent season

Sam Perlozzo will make it through the season and not the next

Jay Gibbons will be traded

Hayden Penn will make it the big club before the break and he will ultimately traded

Nick Markakis will have no sophomore slump and cement his status as a cornerstone for the franchise

The bullpen will be among the best in baseball

From SI’s Jon Heyman:

The moral of this story is that maybe the Orioles were the smart ones by stockpiling relief pitchers. Chad Bradford for $10.5 million over three years looks like the steal of the winter right now.

Melvin Mora will have a slight rebound, but the effects of aging will still show.

Aubery Huff and Jay Payton both will prove to be good signings. But Huff will have the better year.

Corey Patterson and Brian Roberts will reek havoc on the bathpaths

Corey Patterson will have yet another uneven season at the plate

The bench will consist of Payton, Bako, Gomez, and Millar/Gibbons… because we all know Perlozzo is going with that 4 man bench.

Tejada will regain his old form.

We will see a big trade

Erik Bedard will have a big, big year.

Loewen and Cabrera will have great years.

The Orioles will finish at .500 or better

That’s what I see in my crystal ball.

Thanks to Anthony, Ian, and Jason for having me on their radio show ‘The Hits Keep on Coming.’ Go over to Oriole Post for download options.

My sympathies to Rob after my Tigers nearly blew what was a 17 point lead and managed to squeeze by Syracuse. Clemson makes the trip to New York where they’ll hopefully win the NIT and cement their status as the 66th best team in college basketball.


2 Responses

  1. Happy B-Day again, Ben.

    Be careful out there. Well, I am almost out of the 20’s, and at the ripe old age of 28, I am trying to do as much as I can, before I get the mini-van, the white picket fence, and little kids running amok…

  2. Kids-

    I’m 31.


    P.S. Happy Birthday and thanks for the condolences… 🙂

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