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Here’s some trivia to impress your friends and family with…

While going this morning to the front end of my car aligned, I was listening to XM’s great Baseball this Morning. I caught the tale end of this, but Buck Martinez, who also moonlights doing TV games for the O’s and ESPN, was talking about Rick Dempsey. I didn’t know this, but he’s caught for 18 Cy Young winners. Being that I have a little free time now, I did a little research and I think  know….I found them all.

Dempsey played 1969-72 with the Twins, 73-part of 76 with the Yanks, the rest of 76-86 with the O’s, 87 with Cleveland, 88-90 with the Dodgers, 91 with the Brewers, and finally in 1992 he wrapped it with the Orioles.

In Minnesota, he caught for Dean Chance (’69),Jim Perry (’70). There’s 2.

While in New York, Dempsey caught Catfish Hunter (1974 winner with the A’s), Ron Guidry (’78) and Sparky Lyle (’77). That makes 5.

In Baltimore, he caught Mike Cuellar (’69), Jim Palmer (’73, 75, ’76), Mike Flanagan (’79), and Steve Stone (’80) in his first stint and in his last year he caught Rick Sutcliffe (’82). Now it’s up to 12.

While in Cleveland, he caught Steve Carlton (’72,’77,’80,’83) Wham, bam 16, m’am.

In LA, he caught for Fernando Valenzuela (’81) and Orel Herischer (’88). And there’s 18.

He pretty much caught the cream of the crop of pitchers during the 70’s and 80’s with a few exceptions, of course.

This makes the segway from great pitching, to bad pitching.

Steve Trachsel…

Spring Training stats usually don’t matter. I glow when I see something like Bedard’s 0.64 ERA (same as Santana’s, by the way) and discount them when they’re weak, like Tejada’s .257 battting average (It’s only Spring Training…he’s pacing himself, he’s got his spot on the team already).

But when I see Trachsel’s numbers, I worry.

In 4 starts, 11 innings, he’s given up 22 hits and 11 runs (10 earned). On top of that he’s given 5 walks and only struck out 4 thus far. Jeremy Guthrie has struck out 9 in ten innings and the forgotten John Parrish has struck out 10 in 6.2 innings. I just threw those in for compare and contrast.

I know there’s all this talk from Trachsel about working things. He’s not worried, he’s pacing himself. Well, I hope so. I hope he’s just throwing BP out there and getting his arm in shape, because if this is what I see during the regular season, it’ll be deja vu 2006 all over again. See Lopez, Rodrigo; Chen, Bruce; ORTIZ, RUSS for further reference.

If this is what Trachsel actually has, then I’d rather see Hayden Penn out there. But I’ll try to keep positive. Try is the word.

Daniel Cabrera has a flashback Sunday with 5 walks in 5 innings against the Red Sox. Good news is he only gave up 1 run. I think we’ll always see walks out of Cabrera, sometimes alot, sometimes not so much, but if he can win 20 games….I won’t care so much about 110-120 walks.


3 Responses

  1. Did Dempsy catch for 18 Cy Young winners?

    Or were 18 pitchers transformed into Cy Young winners due to Dempsey’s awesomeness?!

  2. […] just found a great write up of Rick Dempsey on The Oriole Report, another quality blog for the Baltimore Orioles. Ben over there compiled a list of…Turns out Rick worked with no less than 18 Cy Young award winners! Way to go, […]

  3. I’m sure it was all Dempsey.
    Though, when he caught Carlton, that was in Steve’s last years and he went 5-9 with a 5.37 ERA with half a season with the Indians that year.
    Sutcliffe was 36 and was three seasons away from retirement and fun in the Padres broadcast booth (though he did go 16-15 and 237 innings).
    Dean Chance was out of baseball by 30 and Dempsey only caught him in 1969 when he went 5-4 with a 2.95 ERA.
    It was right place right time for him and my hat’s off to him for doing the job that he did.

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