Spring Progress Report

Sorry about the MIA week, but it’s all good now that I’ve got nine days off of work and nowhere to go, which is great.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the spring training boxscores and here’s several guys who’ve stood out thus far at the mid-way of the Spring.

Jeremy Guthrie 

This is one who I hope makes the team. He’s a had good spring and he can be that long relief guy/occasional starter. Having that 6th stater in the pen is going to be important with Steve Trachsel having a rotten spring (more on that later). Thus far in Spring Training he’s sporting a 1.80 ERA, which I believe is a result of Miguel Cabrera hitting a 2 run shot off him today…and I think that’s the only runs he’s allowed thus far. In two innings today, he gave up 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, and struck out 4. I’ll be upset if they keep Todd Williams and waive this guy.

Here’s a good write-up about him on the O’s site.

Rudy Yan

What do I know about Rudy Yan? I know his name, that he plays outfield, and that’s about it. He could walk up to me, pick my pockets, and punch me in the face and I’d have no idea who he is. So far he’s batting .400 and he’s swiped 5 bases. I found him MiLB page, it’s right here. Scroll down to the 2005 season at the bottom of the page and he had a good season at FRI (I’m not looking it up. It could be Fries…I dunno) of the Texas League. If I had to bet, he’ll proly be starting centerfield in Norfolk on Opening Day.

 Jason Dubois

I think this guy will be with the O’s to start the season. He can’t be designated, since he was a Rule 5 draft guy from the Royals. He’s versitale. He can catch, play first base, or the outfield. So far he’s batting .423 in Florida. I’d rather have him than Freddie Bynum.

Compare and Contrast 

At the top of the rotation, Erik Bedard has a spring ERA of…..0.64.

And, at the bottom, Steve Trachsel has a spring ERA of….8.18. But he’s got an excuse for

Nick Markakis has a spring Batting Average of…….389

Jay Gibbons has a spring Batting Average of……217 (which is about 100 pts. better than last week)

Aubrey Huff has a spring Batting Average of…….367

His competition for 1st base, Kevin Millar is batting….300 pts lower…..067.

Believe or not, Todd Williams has a Spring ERA of 1.69.

Chad Bradford has a hellish inning yesterday. He gave up 2 homers and hit three batters to ravage his ERA to 13.50.

Other Stats of Notability

Daniel Cabrera has walked only 3 batters (in nine total innings)

Freddie Bynum has struck out in 11 of his 21 at bats.

Although we’ve all know this for awhile, Kris Benson has finally realized it. He’s going under the knife. I’m sure this concludes Benson’s Oriole career.

A few confusing words from Kris Benson:

“I want to play for another six or seven years. I want to make a lot more money in this game,” Benson said earlier this spring. “I want to accomplish a lot more things in this game. I think the decision I make is going to be the right one for the future. … I think they know that I want to come back and pitch at this level. The people that know me and know what I want to do in this game [know] the money is not the issue. I want to be in this game for the long haul.”

I’m confused.


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