As Promised…

Here’s the second post.

The O’s beat the Nats 4-3, bringing their spring training record to 6-1-2 and an 8 game unbeaten streak. Sounds like I’m doing a hockey blog now. Anyway, Jaret Wright went 2 innings, gave up one hit, and struck out 3. My fear is that Wright will only be a 5 inning starter (that’s why we got that pricey new bullpen isn’t it?). Outings like this are nice to see, but let’s see how he does in 9 inning game against a more potent line-up than the National’s Spring Training line-up. Looking at the box score I see former O’s ‘franchise prospect’ Darrell McDonald and one of last season’s conga line of back-up catchers, the Danny Ardion. I hope for the Nat’s fans sake, Bowden’s only trying these guys out.

Someone who I’m watching is pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. He pitched 2 scoreless innings and struck out one. If he has a good spring, I could see him making the team in the pen and could be one of those who could crack the rotation if Wright/Traschel stumbles or if Penn can’t hack it. I’m only thinking out loud here.

I know it’s early, very early but Jay Gibbons has started the spring slowly, batting a rather meek .188. That’s what Spring Training is for though.

Onto another Jay, Jay Payton has started the Spring nicely. He’s batting .467. He’s not going to be one to hit 35 homers, but he’ll get his fair share of doubles. In the end, this could be a nice signing.

Our other big offensive signing, Aubrey Huff is batting .529.

One of the feel good stories didn’t fare well today. Paul Shuey, who came out of retirement after getting a hip repaired, hit 2 batters, gave up 2 runs (one earned) and left after only one out with an injury. Turns out he tweaked (According to Roch) his right Achielles Tendon running home to cover the plate. Looks like he’s going to miss, at the very least, two weeks. Missing two weeks right now is not a good thing. I’m rooting for the guy.

As Roch mentions that O’s starters have a combined 1.89 ERA in 19 innings. All the runs are credited to one Steve Trachsel. Combined they’ve walked 4 and struck out 22. So far so good, I want to see this in regular season play.


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