Wither Perlozzo?

Obviously, this is a make or break year for Orioles’ manager Sam Perlozzo, this Baltimore Sun article points out. It also points out a change of attitude he’s had. He’s taking a more ‘business like’ approach to the park and isn’t afraid to call out sandbaggers during drills.

And that’s great. I think last season he probably was a little too buddy-buddy with players, but the transition from a coach to the man is hard one when it’s one the same team.

The thing I hope Perlozzo worked hard on this offseason was his ingame strategy. Too many times, oh so so so many times last year, we were treated to the bunt. While the bunt is a clever bit of moxy, it was used so many times last year. It was used early in games, when it shouldn’t have been.

There were also times were relievers were used too much, but as I say that, I know he had….outside of Chris Ray…a pretty rotten bullpen. Now that he has 40 something million bucks worth of arms in the pen, let’s see how he does. Todd Williams was used so many times last year, in what was a rotten season for him. But I’m sure when he was trying to figure who to bring in, with the choices of Bruce Chen, Russ Ortiz, Jim Brower, LaTroy Hawkins, John Hlama; it was akin to figuring out if he’d rather be shot, stabbed, ran over, or beat with a metal rod. Basically, he didn’t have a lot to work with.

The bullpen wasn’t good. The starting rotation had two sure loses in there with Chen/Lopez/Ortiz starting. Leftfield was a fiasco and the bench was anemic.

Now there’s Bradford, Baez, Walker, and Williamson in the pen. He’s got Jaret Wright (who I’m starting to think will surprise somewhat… I’m still warming to the thought) and Old man river Steve Trashcel (I’m not sold…but if he can make it respectable to break and Hayden Penn can recover from last season, then it’s allllll good). Huff/Payton are there for Left. The bench has yet to be settled, but it can’t be worse than last season.

All in all, the team has improved. So it’s up to Sammy to make it work. I hope it does. I’m going to try to take a respectable tone this season with this. If we lose three games in a row, I’m not going to call for his head. In fact, I’m not going to call for his head unless something grievous happens ie bunting with the bases loaded and two outs. I’m crossing my fingers that Sam’s authoritive tone and new grasp on his job pays off and we see a 90 win team.


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