I try not to read TOO Much into Spring Training Games…

But today’s results have me stoked up for some baseball.

Why you ask?

Bedard over two innings…20 pitches and 16 of them for strikes and no hits.

Our heralded and revamped bullpen (Ray, Williamson, Walker and Bradford today) went 4 innings, no hits, and one walk.

Rob Bell, who I have never heard off until this fine day, pitched two innings and gave no hits to the six batters he faced.

Here’s you Rob Bell info.  Not exactly career numbers to drool over, but if he does stuff like this, then welcome abroad, bud.

Paul Shuey, making his comeback, gave up the only hit of the day.

In the end O’s win 3-0 in a meaningless spring game. BUT, man oh man, that pitching was clicking today.

I hope this is a sign of the season to come. Maybe year two of the Mazzone reign is where it’s all it. Either way, I think Bedard is gonna bust it out this season.

There’s nothing like eternal hope in the spring time.  


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