What’s up with Benson?

 The O’s site has this update.

Chances still are that he doesn’t pitch this season. It can happen, but it’s shall we say doubtful.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. Let’s just say that the rehab works and at the end of March it looks like he won’t need to get knifed. Maybe by May he’d be able to join the team. The question is, who gets bumped?

It’s not that hard of a question. Chances are Wright or Traschel will be our Bruce Chen/Rodrigo Lopez 2006 for 2007. I could be wrong and I hope that I am wrong. I hope that Jared Wright and Old Man Traschel win 20 games apiece. It’s doubtful, but dang it, it can happen.

So what if Bedard, Loewen, and Cabrera are fulfilling their potential and Wright and Traschel are simply doing their jobs? You don’t bump a young starter with potential for an average 32 year old pitcher who is simply there to eat innings.

My Odds

Traschel 3:1

Wright 6:1 (He’s Leo’s boy, remember that)

Cabrera 15:1 (that’s my boy, I put the odds that low in case he might have to go to Norfolk for a stint ala 06. Personally, I don’t think that’ll be the case this year)

Loewen 25:1

Bedard 50:1

Of course, chances are someone’s going to be dinged up. Personally, I want Benson back for one sole reason. He’ll make good tradebait at the deadline.

Here’s a good article on Aubrey Huff and his mom at the Sun’s site.

Two new adds to the ole blogroll

Dempsey’s Army

and this will be the first non-O’s blog I add to the blogroll. BUT I am doing my part to somehow add to the much heated, hate filled rivalry that is the O’s v the Nats.

Distinguished Senators



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