What a bummer

I’ve been in sleep mode around here until Spring Training started up, unless something happened. Well, something made have to post before I did my ode to Spring Training on Wednesday…and it’s not good.

Kris Benson is out of the season with a partially torn rotator cuff.

Benson is nothing more than an average pitcher who can eat innings, but he’s our average pitcher who can eat innings. With losing him, we lose a veteran presence on the pitching staff, one who Bedard, Loewen, and Cabrera can look to.

But now he’s gone. There’s no chance that he’ll pitch this year and that stinks. Yeah, he went 11-12 last year, but you can argue he could have been 14-10 or something with the way the bullpen failed him. But that’s something you have to deal with.

The front office didn’t waste anytime replacing Benson.

The Orioles are now home to Steve Traschel, who could be a Benson clone. Average pitcher. I guess it’s good we signed him instead of rushing Penn back up or Olson. Let the cards fall where they may in Spring Training and maybe Traschel will be decent. At least this was found out now instead of during Spring Training, so we could sign someone of Traschel’s calibur. I say that half sarcastically, but I’m also serious. The guy has proven he can eat innings over his career and that’s all I want him to do. Just go out pitch 180-200 innings and win more games than he loses.

With this sad news, this means I’m kicking it back up for baseball season. I’m ready for it, even without the emotionless stare of Kris Benson.


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