A less than perfect circle?

The Texas Rangers have offered our boy Sammy Sosa a minor league contract.

Sosa signed his first pro contract with the Rangers 22…yes..22 years ago and now if he signs, he’ll sign his last with them too, more than likely.

Nothing symbolizes false hope to me more than Sammy Sosa. When the O’s traded for him and gave up nothing more than Jerry Hairston (who ended up Texas last year) and a throw in or two, I was happy. I wasn’t fooling myself into thinking we had just gotta the guy who hit 66 homers and have 158 RBI. No, I was thinking we had just gotten the somewhat declining Sammy Sosa who would hit 33 homers and have maybe 80 something RBIs.

The thing of it was when watching him play, he did not look good at all. There wasn’t anything that made me say “He’ll get it next time.” No, I was left thinking “This is the guy who hit 66 homers in one season? He’s a mess at the plate.” Maybe it was the fact that he no longed was on the chemical magic. Maybe it was a horrible year. Maybe it was just a rapid decline in his skills. Maybe it was injuries. Maybe it was a combination. I lean to the first option personally.

We didn’t get that guy either. The Sammy Sosa we got was the trash heap Sosa. .221 average 14 homers and 45 RBI. I remember when I was in Atlanta watching the O’s and the Braves, Sosa got a hold of one and I thought I was going to see one of the few Sosa homers of that season, but it tailed off at the warning track and became an easy out.

Seeing that we only gave up Hairston in that trade, it was a noble gamble. Now if we had given the Cubbies Brian Roberts and kept Hairston, I would hate the Cubs for life.

So maybe Sammy can return to his roots and be a contributer for the Rangers. I think he’ll only be a shell of what he once was, but you never know.

But for one season, Sammy Sosa was there as a relic of once great player. Never having his golden moment for the Orioles before limping out before the season ended. A season that we all knew of being much more painful than just from watching Sammy Sosa’s swing.


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