A few links

Thought I’d take a few a do a little linkage and support my fellow blOgs before I head out and enjoy the night since I have a rare, oh so rare, Friday off.

John Eisenburg has another in what has been a conga line of pining salutes to The man, the myth, the legend Cal Ripken Jr.

Over at the Oriole Post, there’s a good read about how the franchise has a problem with fan disconnect.

It’s true. If you watched or attended games last season and saw the sea of green empty seats, then you can tell that fan base is not very happy.

Camden Chat has the Erik Bedard Community Projection going on.

Roar from 34 asks the hard question about Brian Roberts.

Rob has his salute to Cal.

There hasn’t been much news on the  Barry Bonds front lately, but today made up for it in spades. Apparently, Mark Sweeney is a cad.

The Oriole Warehouse has opened its doors again with a massive salute to Cal.


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  1. Yo Ben. Love the new look. And poor Mark Sweeney, not only does the guy play for the Royals but now HE’s the one that gave Bonds the HGH. Unreal. Hope your night didn’t end with a hangover the next day.

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