Will the Magic comeback

No, I’m not talking about Oriole Magic.

I’m talking about Chemical Magic

 From Boston.com

Palmeiro wants in

According to a friend of Palmeiro, the former Cubs, Orioles, and Rangers star wants to return to baseball even after the embarrassing events of 2005. Palmeiro, the highest-profile player ever to test positive for steroids, feels he’s done the time and should be able to return. On Aug. 1, 2005, Palmeiro was suspended 10 games. He returned to the Orioles after the suspension but was out of baseball all of last year. The Cuban-born Palmeiro, 42, feels he can still hit.

 To bad we signed Huff and resigned Millar because we could always bring Raffy back. I’m sure it’d do alot for the clubhouse, him being a great leader and having veteran presence.

I’m sure him and Miggy would have a tearful and joyous reunion.

“Miggy, Sorry about that whole trying to throw you under the bus to save my butt deal.” 

Teams I predict will have an interest in Raffy: looks like he’ll have to buy a plane ticket to Japan if he wants to play ball.

There’s no way he comebacks because no one wants him. I have no love for Raffy, there’s Yankees I like more than him. He sold out his team after his smug self-righteous display on Capitol Hill. There is no love in me for Palmerio. He had his chance and he did what he did with it. I hope he enjoys notoriety. 

Saw this on a D-Rays blog. It’s some interesting facts.


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