The Importance of locking up our guys now

I did a quickie post yesterday on the contract talks between the Orioles and Brian Roberts. Getting Roberts, as well as Erik Bedard, resigned is very important to the Oriole organization. We’re had our hearts broken before when the organization let Mike Mussina walk and then put on those rancid Yankee pinstripes. Last year they did when they dragged their feet and lowballed BJ Ryan. Of course, the Bluejays offered him an insane contract and we know the rest.

Getting these two locked up now is important because:

Brian Roberts will be a free agent after 2008 season. But he had an average year last season, so he’d be easier and more affordable to get locked up now as opposed to if he has the season we all hope he has this year. Roberts is one of the few good things the Orioles have had going for them in recent seasons. He’s a product of their farm system. He does a lot for the community. He’s a fan favorite and the ladies love him. If the organization were to lose Roberts to free agency it’ll be a huge blackeye.

Bedard is two seasons away too. I don’t think the front office should wait and see what he does this season and then get the gears in motion. If medicore pitchers like Ted Lily and Gil Geche can get 10 million and 11 million a year, then what will Bedard merit if he has a breakout year. Last season was a solid one for him. If the bullpen had a pulse last year and if he didn’t had the rancid 5 start stretch, he could have reasonably had a 20 win season. If he does have between an 18 to 20 win season this coming season, then what will be worth. I say don’t risk it. Lock him up now because this will probably be the best time in his career to get him locked in at a decent price.

One thing I’ve resolved to do (not a New Year’s resoultion though because I hate those…I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile) is to link more to other Oriole blogs. Since we fans need to stick together, this is what I’m doing. You can give me my medal later.

Camden Chat as a look at what our new team looks like.

I’m still hoping for another move or two. I definately like this line-up better than last season, but that’s not saying much. I will say it is a respectable line-up. It’s one that CAN get you .500 or a little more.

It’s prediction time over at Oriole Magic

I’m predicting that we’ll get 83 wins next season. Write it down now. I’m also predicting THIS IS THE YEAR Daniel Cabrera (or Caberito if you’re the Washington Post) gets it together and wins 19 games. That’s right. He will be a beast this season.

The Oriole Post has the news of Fan Fest getting cancelled this weekend. Apparently is will happen at a later date. It makes perfect sense not to have this weekend with the Ravens playing, but shouldn’t there have been a plan B?

The stupid trade between the Yankees and Diamondbacks is done. Here’s a analysis that I could not agree more with.

Why would you give up 4 players for a 43 year old pitcher? They don’t need an ace…they have Brandon Webb. Besides, Johnson is no ace anymore. Livan Hernandez and Doug Davis will probably be as good or better than Johnson next year. So you give up 4 young players for an aging number 4 starter? If they were one player anyway from being a World Series team I’d understand. If the Cubs, the Red Sox, the Angels, or the Mets did this trade I’d somewhat understand. I wouldn’t agree with it, but it would make more sense to me. But since I’m making predictions today, here’s another, mark my words…this reunion will be a great one.


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