O’s talking Roberts extension

From the Washington  Post:

Also, Orioles Vice PresidentJim Duquettesaid the team has begun negotiations with second basemanBrian Robertson a multiyear contract extension. Roberts is eligible for arbitration and can become a free agent after the 2008 season. Earlier in the offseason, the Orioles dangled Roberts to the Atlanta Braves in a possible deal for first basemanAdam LaRoche.

Getting Roberts extended is a priority. He’s still two years from free agency, but the later you wait, the bigger gamble you’re taking.

In the same article:

Baltimore also signed pitcher Daniel Cabrerato a one-year, $1.825 million deal, avoiding arbitration.

Who? I think they mean Daniel Cabrera. Maybe he was a Nat they’d have gotten that right.

At least Huff sounds like he’s happy to be an Oriole.


One Response

  1. With the prices that players are going at (especially the above average ones) it is prudent we sign B-Rob now if he’s worth the O’s to keep.

    Although we are moving in baby steps, there’s now the foresight from the office to lock up the core and not repeat mistakes from the past (ala Mussina, BJ Ryan)

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