2006 Wrap

Today’s the last of the year, a particularly rainy one that I’ll spend in my house today in my flannel pants and watching football. Since I’ve got the time and no desire to get out of the big chair, this will be a pelthora of stuff.

Business first: Huff is done

Hey, I like this signing. He’s always taken care of business at Camden Yard. 

From ESPN.com

   One factor the Orioles had to appreciate: Huff has a .285 career average at Camden Yards and has batted .297 against the Orioles over his seven seasons in the majors. He has more home runs (20) and RBI (63) against Baltimore than against any other team

 Great numbers, but you have to ask…is that the park or the O’s pitching. Either way, I think this will be an improved team next season.

Here’s how I’m thinking the batting order will look

1. 2B Brian Roberts

2. 3B Melvin Mora

3. RF Nick Markakis

4. SS Miguel Tejada

5. 1st Aubrery Huff

6. DH Jay Gibbons/Kevin Millar

7. C Ramon Hernandez

8. LF Jay Payton

9. CF Corey Patterson

This is a pretty decent lineup. It’s not the world’s greatest by any means. But there’s not the blackholes in it like there was last season with Fahey, the conga line of useless back up catchers (though Bako is ten miles from being an average hitter). With Gomez, Millar, and I assume Bynum and Stern on the bench…the bench is better. That said, I’m betting with Zito signing with the Giants for the Gross National Product of a small country and with the O’s now signing Huff….Rodrigo Lopez and Jay Gibbons are probably going to have new addresses. I can’t say goodbye to Lopez soon enough. Gibbons would make me sad a little, because the talent is there, but he can never ever stay healthy.

Oh, and here’s Huff’s numbers

Here’s some personal year end lists of mine.

 Ben’s top five books of the year that I’ve read.

1. A Confederacy of Dunces. by John Kennedy Toole

I really don’t know how to describe this book and I’m not going to try. I polished it off in 3 days.

2.  Cobb:a Biography by Al Stump

I’ve read about some of things Ty Cobb did. He beat up a handicapped guy. He was a racist. He was a drunk. He was a bad guy. Then I read this book and I realized that he was a rotten guy. It’s an interesting read and makes you wonder, why was this guy not kicked out of baseball and how could he live with himself?

3. Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness by Donald L Barlett and James Steele

I’ve always food Hughes to be a fascinating character. He made movies, romanced starlets, flew jets, had an empire, and was crazy. This is a long book, but the length was needed to cover all the ground.

4. Where I’m Calling From: Selected Stories by Raymond Carver

I’m a big fan of Carver and picked up book a few months ago. It’s probably about twenty stories and they’re all portraits of middle class everyday life. Something big doesn’t always happen, but the words paint such a vivid picture

5. Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Anti-Hero by Jeff Pearlman

I read this book in one sitting. I never do that. But this is an easy read and it gives a lot on insight on why Bonds is the way he is. It doesn’t give him a pass by any means.

honorable mentions:

Black and Blue by Tom Adelman- It’s about the O’s/Dodgers and the 1966 World Series

As for the movies, I’ve been to EXACTLY one movie this year. I just don’t go to them like I did back in my teens and early 20. Then if there’s something I like, I just buy on DVD when it comes out because it costs 8.50 now to see a movie in Greenville. I saw Casino Royale and I was disappointed.

So here’s five movies that you might not have seen, but should. I’m tried linking, so look them up yourselves.

1. Dark City

2. Rushmore

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4. Chinatown

5. Adaptation

My personal top 5 sports moments

1. The Opening of West End Field in Greenville

2. Being at Tejada’s 1,000 straight game in Atlanta (which was also Russ Ortiz’s O debut…I witnessed history right there).

3. Seeing Carlos Beltran belt two homers against the Braves.

4. Getting up to Durham and see the Bulls play the Charlotte Knights.

5. Seeing the Asheville Tourists play in their one of a kind park.

That’s it here. This has been pretty much a year since I’ve been doing the blog. I started it up before Spring Training last year, I think. It’s been a fun year. There’s been times where I’ve neglected it and there’s been times where I’ve posted too much. But thanks to all of those who drop by and read whatever I’m babbling about. Have a Happy New Year and hope it’s better than mine(I have an EARLY day at work tomorrow, so no going out tonight). And now the lamest line of them all, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR…..Hahahaha.


O’s sign Aubrery Huff

Exhale…Aubrery Huff is now an Oriole

Terms are 3 years and 20 million. This is a pretty sane deal. I like Huff and the fact that he can play first, third, left field and right. With the exception of that month he missed last season, he’s also been very durable…something Jay Gibbons knows little about.

Huff’s only 30 and still has plenty of pop in that LEFT HANDED bat. So now Mora can get a day of a week and Huff can play third (farewell, Fernando Tatis). Does this signing mean the end of the Jay Gibbons era?

I’ll havd more on this tomorrow, but I just wanted to get this out there. A solid move. This term is definately better than we saw last year.