Awesome Ripken article

Great article from Tim Kirkjian about Cal Ripken today.

I’ve always liked Kirkjian and this piece makes me like him even more. It paints another side of Ripken, the clubhouse guy with a big competive streak. Really great piece.

USA Today has a lengthy but rather ho-hum piece about Leo Mazzone and the O’s, along with some outdated news and notes.

Newhan is cut

Widger is gone

Mazzone and Wright have worked together before in Atlanta, thous that healthy contract he got from the Yanks

I believe Lopez has only 1 year left

and 1st base and leftfield are still weak spots

I except a little more out of the newspaper of the entire United States.

Barry Zito is a Giant. 126 million dollars over 7 years is complete lunacy. Good Lord. Winning must not mean a lot to Zito, because I don’t think the Giants will be winning the NL West. They’re a team comprised of rapidly aging players. If you think the O’s are bad about not committing to a rebuilding plan, the Giants are ten times worse (thanks in part to Barry Bonds) in terms of aging players.

Giving 7 years to a pitcher is crazy. As much maligned as the Soriano deal has been, it makes more sense to give a position a long term deal (especially a corner outfieler) instead of a pitcher. I think Zito is overrated. Would I love to have him on the O’s, of course…but not at that price tag. That said, I think he’ll fare well by moving to the NL and the NL West. This won’t push the Giants to the top of that division because the Dodgers are better. The Padres are better and the Diamondbacks have plenty of young talent.

Carlos Zambrano had to be pleased to hear of this deal. He’s a free agent after next season and he’s a better pitcher than Zito and he’s younger. Of course, the Cubs aren’t scared to spend money, so I except him to get a similar deal, though only over 5 years.  Maybe 95 million over 5 years.

Let me introduce another new O’s blog that’s going into the blogroll

This is a good spot for concise and to the point O’s news and recaps without all of the heavy sarcasm and bellyaching of blogs like mine.


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