Wilson or/and Huff?

Roch says that the O’s are still in talks with the agents of Craig Wilson and Aubrery Huff, but not to expect anything til the New Year.

I’d like for the O’s to sign both of them. They’re both versatile players. Huff has played both corner outfield spots, 3rd, and 1st over the course of his career. Wilson has played both corner outfield positions and 1st. They can always DH too.

The bench last year was awful. But if these two sign, then the bench would look like Gomez/Bynum, Bako, Millar, Wilson, and maybe Stern/or another OFer. I’m already projecting the human sparkplug, Brandon Fahey, to be the Norfolk Tides starting shortstop.  With these signings the bench would be much better and the starters could afford days off. Rest Melvin more during the season and start Huff at 3rd. Sit Patterson against some of the lefties, move Payton to CF, and have Wilson in left. It’s a win-win, that hopefully will result us in getting more wins.

Why is this article on the O’s website?

Let me just say this. If Belle had played a full career, he’d have the numbers to be in the Hall of Fame. But that didn’t happen. Yes, he was an unsavory character. But there’s plenty of those in the Hall of Fame. If he were to finish his career out on his terms and hit 500 homers then definately. But that didn’t happen, so he’s going to be in the Hall of what coulda been.

Randy Johnson looks like he’s getting traded to a west coast team. The D-backs are leading the charge with all of the California teams interested too. If they give up anything of merit, they’re fools. Johnson has one maybe two seasons left in him. They’re bound to be a rollercoaster of medicority, bad games, and some good ones mixed in. The thing is, why would you trade young pitching for someone like Johnson. The Diamondbacks are not that one player away. In the end, this is a salary dump. I’m going to predict that if the Yankees trade Johnson, they will sign Roger Clemens.


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