Gomez Re-signs

I didn’t see this coming. Chris Gomez re-signed with the Orioles. It’s a one year deal and his return should result in Brandon Fahey being the starting shortstop for the Norfolk Tides next season.  I’m glad to see Gomez back. He’s a solid guy to have off the bench.

Brian Roberts is still on the Braves’ wish list. Although now, it’s a straight up Roberts/LaRoche swap. I could go either way on this. I want Brian Roberts to stay an Oriole…but if he doesn’t re-sign an extension then this is going to have to happen. LaRoche would be a good bat to have at first. We would then sign Mark Loretta to play 2nd (I’d rather us sign Ben Broussard).  My personal preference would for Roberts to stay an O, but if the Orioles want to break out their losing ways then decisions like this have to be made.  No one’s untouchable on a losing team.

Oriole great/bullpen coach/1st base coach/bellyacher Rick Dempsey will leave the coaching staff and go the MASN broadcast booth. He’d be primarily a pre-game and post-game guy, though he would do some games from time to time. I’m sure he would have some good stories to tell and might be a good change from the sunshine outlook we hear from Jim “modest 2 game hitting streak” Hunter. I don’t dislike Hunter, but sometimes I’m not in the mood for his overt homerism. Also mentioned in the article, Todd Williams is not out of the picture for the Orioles. BLUGHHHHH.

Speaking of BLUGGHHHH, Russ Ortiz is trying to make a comeback.  It’s a good read. I feel bad for the guy. He didn’t do a gradual decline….his bottom fell out all at once. I hope he finds his stuff and can make a team. If not though, I hope he didn’t spend all those 22 million dollars that the Diamondbacks gave him.

Here’s a sad story about former Oriole Sammy Stewart.