Ripken saves the O’s again?

Cal Ripken wants to buy the O’s. He has said it publicly before and I do think it will happen one day. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, and it may not happen in the next 5 years. But it’s going to happen at some point. When it happens, it’ll be a happy day for all of us.

Cal owning the team isn’t going to magically transform them into winners. I may sound nuts, but in 5 years the Orioles could be a decent team. That all depends on how the young pitching and the AA outfielders come along.

With Ripken being the owner of the O’s, it brings credibility.  Every big name free agent since Miguel Tejada has stayed away from Baltimore, for that fact.  The Angelos era has been nothing but a lot of empty promises. I haven’t read any quotes from Petey about how good we’re going to be next season, but I’m sure they’re out there.   

From the linked article: 

If Ripken were part of an Orioles’ ownership group, he likely would want the role of club president — and a return to the franchise’s past foundation of scouting and player development.

The Orioles under Ripken would certainly be saner. Since Cal and Billy own several minor league teams this makes sense.  It’s also the best way to build a team (Twins, A’s, Braves etc).

Now that I’ve got your hopes up, here’s something from our boy Abestos Pete here.

At the time, Angelos said he would enjoy having Ripken own the Orioles, if the time is right.

“If such a day came and he was the person playing that role, I would say you couldn’t find a better guy,” the owner said.

Just wait til MASN has been up and running for a few years. Angelos probably just wants to line his pockets a little more.  I seriously think that next owner of the Orioles will be Cal Ripken Jr. When that happens, I’ll sprain my back doing cartwheels.


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