Rejoice Rejoice REJOICE

The Jay Payton deal is official. I can’t say that I am nuts over this deal, but y’know what, at least it’s not Fahey and Newhan.

Our new boy’s numbers.

I don’t think this is a bad deal, I think it’s a medicore deal. Jay Payton clearly wasn’t the front office’s top pick to sign this offseason.

Here’s how we ended up with him

The Cubs gave Alfonso Soriano 1000000 gabillion bucks, the city of Chicago, the moon, 50 virgins, and a herd of sheep.

Carlos Lee and his agent used us to jack up his price tag and go to the only place he wanted to go, Houston.

Proof that the Orioles aren’t completely doomed, God showed a little mercy on us and Luis Gonzalez signed with the Dodgers.

So Payton was a default signing.

Hey, we still might get Thames or somebody. But at this point, I’ll deal with Payton (who CAN hit lefties) til Nolan Reimhold is ready.

Take heart though:

Duquette said despite the team’s several moves this winter, the club still is looking for more. The Orioles have talked with agents for Aubrey Huff and Shannon Stewart, and Duquette said this move will make the Orioles take one player off their 40-man roster.

I’ll take Huff.

Two of my personal favorite O’s Todd Williams and David Newhan look like they’re going to be not tendered a contract by the club. I’m smiling as I type this. I’ve got a big fat smile. Grudges aside, I hope these two will go somewhere where they can assume the role they’re meant have. We used Williams way too much last season and Newhan is simply a reserve outfielder.