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It was a week full of woulda coulda shoulda for the Orioles.

Lot in the article, here’s a summary…+ means good and – means bad, duh. 

+ Luis Gonzalez signed with the Dodgers. Praise the Lord.

– Jason Schmit signs with the Dodgers, passing over the O’s phantom 3 year 48 mil last minute offer. Of course, I had no hopes of Schmit being an Oriole, so this one is actually a push with me.

+”The Orioles made several attempts this week to acquire Chicago White Sox pitcher Jon Garland, but the asking price of starter Daniel Cabrera and pitching prospect Garrett Olson was deemed too high” I am very very very happy this deal did not go down. Cabrera is my boy and Olson has a lot of potential and I would not trade them for someone who I deem overrated like Garland.

-The Orioles offered Lopez for Seattle first baseman Ben Broussard, but the Mariners wanted Jaret Wright. Aren’t Rodrigo and Wright the same pitcher anyway? I’m not wild about Broussard, but I think Lopez is a fair enough offer for him.

? “They’ve made a two-year offer, worth about $9 million, to Oakland Athletics free-agent right-handed-hitting outfielder Jay Payton, according to a club source.” I’m not wild about this, but it beats the hell out of Fahey, Newhan, and the scrub squad in left.

+”Orioles officials met with Huff’s agent late Wednesday night and are now giving heavy consideration to making the former Tampa Bay Devil Ray an offer.” Sign the man and get it over with. No discussing parameters. Consider for an hour and offer the man a deal.

– The Orioles acquired utility man Freddie Bynum from the Chicago Cubs for minor league pitcher Kevin Hart. I have no idea who Kevin Hart is, but I don’t think Bynum is the key piece the Orioles need. Maybe the Baysox or the Tides, but not the O’s.

Actually here’s Kevin Hart’s numbers that will one day be part of his Hall of Fame plaque.

So is there a Lopez/Mench deal on the table or not?

From the Boston Herald:

The Orioles have interest in signing Trot Nixon to a one-year deal. The Pirates’ interest in Nixon is believed to be only modest.

Nixon would be ok. Everyday no. Platoon, sure. He can get a brand new Orioles cap to get filthy and make his own personal biohazard.

 From the Detroit Free Press:

NO DEAL FOR THAMES: The Tigers and Orioles tried unsuccessfully to execute a three-way deal involving outfielder Marcus Thames during these meetings.

Baltimore has significant interest in Thames but couldn’t produce the left-handed hitter the Tigers wanted in return. The Tigers have no interest in Jay Gibbons, and rookie star Nick Markakis isn’t available.

So they tried to find a third team to supply the outfielder. Tigers officials have interest in Washington’s Ryan Church and Houston’s Luke Scott — two young, left-handed-hitting outfielders — but neither team was able to reach a deal with the Orioles.

A three-way was planned between the Astros, O’s, and Tigers. But that fell through.

Thames would be a better pick up. I’d prefer Church or Scott over Thames, but I’d be happy with the guy. The numbers for Thames are pretty good. He’d be a massive upgrade over last season.

And from around the leagues:

The Phillies and the White Sox made a win-win trade.

 The Chicago Cubs continue their attempt at building the National League version of the Yankees by signing Ted Lily. Lily’s basically a lefthanded younger version of Kris Benson. 40 million is a lot for Lily. I don’t think this is a great deal, but it works for the Cubs because they needed some like Lily. If he’s healthy and doesn’t catch the plague that Mark Prior and Kerry Wood have, he could help them out a lot.

Fun fact: Cubs GM Jim Hendry completed this deal while in the hospital, before his angoplasty. That’s dedication right there.

The Giants, whose philosophy is to obtain the most 40 year players as possible, are brining back their darling, Barry Bonds. Bonds gets a one deal worth 16 million to return to the Giants, break Hank Aaron’s home run record, and dirty baseball further.

Look at the Giants though, here’s their offseason haul thus far..

Benji Molina 3 years and 16 million and 32 years old

Catchers age at a quicker rate than other players due to that whole squatting for 9 innings. Molina was shunned last offseason and there wasn’t a demand for him this offseason either. This is not a good deal.

Ray Durham brought back, 35 years old

Dave Roberts 34, I don’t think Roberts is a bad signing, but shouldn’t they look to avoid stockpiling 35 year olds?

Pedro Feliz- youngster  at 31. I know nothing about Feliz and am not going to pretend to.

Rich Aurilia 35 years old. Nice move there.


What kind of world is when the Royals..the freakin’ Royals sign Gil ‘medicore’ Meche to a 5 year deal worth 55 million dollars. Now they appear to announce that they’re signing Octavio Dotel to a one year deal at 5 million, but could pay out as much as 7 million bucks if incentives are met.

It’s a sign of the end of the world when the Kansas City Royals ante up 60 million+ for just 2 players.  Of course, they could just be signing trade bait.