The O in Orioles means Old

From Oriole enthuasist Ken Rosenthal: 

 As of late Monday night, the Orioles had made the best offer to Luis Gonzalez, but the Dodgers remained a possibility for the free-agent outfielder, major-league sources told

Gonzalez, 39, would prefer to stay in the N.L. West, and his representatives were scheduled to meet with the Dodgers at 11 a.m. Tuesday. In the end, Gonzalez is expected to receive a one-year deal with an option for 2008.

But wait…there’s MORE…

Free agent Darin Erstad’s first choice is to remain with the Angels, but he also is receiving interest from the Rockies, who would play him in center field, and the Orioles and Devil Rays, who would play him at first base.

I don’t want Darin Erstad. I don’t give a damn that he was a punter at Nebreska. I don’t care if he’s scrappy. He’s old, he’s overrated, and not what we need. As horribly opposed as I am to signing Luis Gonzalez, I would much much much rather have Gonzo than Erstad. That’s saying saying a lot because I’m rooting for him to sign with the Dodgers. If it came down to it though, give me a 40 year Luis instead of an overrated banged Erstad, who brings weak offense to the plate.

For more venom aimed at Erstad, SC over at Camden Chat has a piece that I could not agree with more here.

From the Seattle Times:

Baltimore keeps trying to peddle off Rodrigo Lopez and his 5.90 ERA on all comers, but also has Adam Loewen and prospect Hayden Penn available. The Orioles do like Mariners bats like Reed and first baseman Ben Broussard, but an exact match has yet to be found that would satisfy both clubs.

Reed and/or Broussard would be interesting pickups. I’d much prefer Reed who is a 25 year old outfielder. Rodrigo alone won’t get you him, but I’m sure we’ve got something.

Not baseball related, but there was some happenings at the Anderson Christmas Parade this weekend.