Brian Roberts….tradebait?

Brian Roberts…traded?

That’s what was being batted around in the link above.

From the Baltimore Sun: 

According to several industry sources, the Orioles have had serious discussions about a deal that would send second baseman Brian Roberts and pitching prospect Hayden Penn to the Atlanta Braves for power-hitting first baseman Adam LaRoche and second baseman Marcus Giles.



O’s like Adam: Adam La Roche’s name continues to come up in trade talks. This time it was Baltimore that expressed interest in the Atlanta first baseman. The Orioles were considering sending Brian Roberts and Hayden Penn to Atlanta for La Roche and Marcus Giles, but the Braves weren’t interested.

So did Angelos nix this trade? Did the Orioles nix it? Or did the Braves nix it?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Brian Roberts. I have his jersey, but if there’s a trade that can make the Orioles better, no one is untouchable…and I mean no one. There’s a couple reason I don’t like this offer.

1. Giles is a free agent after next season. Will he resign with the O’s?

2. Who’s going to bat leadoff for us? Giles couldn’t next season.

Corey Patterson couldn’t with the Cubs. Kevin Millar has great OBP, but do you want a guy with the knees of an 80 year old clogging up the base paths?

That’s the two things I don’t like. It’s a good thing the front office is acknowledging no one is untouchable. LaRoche would be a nice pickup. He’s young and hits for power.

I gotta run and can’t give this as long as I’d like, but there you go.