Not Encouraging

This is a bit of a downer.

But at this point, according to several baseball sources, it’s unlikely Baltimore will be making a major offensive acquisition.

When asked what the plan was for signing an outfielder, one Baltimore executive joked, “Wait till next year.”

I guess their plan is to wait for the next offseason and throw buckets of money at one of the big three free agent outfielders, Andruw Jones, Vernon Wells, and Torii Hunter. That’s a nice pipedream right there, but chances at least one of them will resign with their team (I think Wells will be that one). Jones will be on the market, but Scott Boras is his agent and the Orioles and him have such a cozy relationship. The Twins have never been one to cough up big money lately to keep their stars, but with that new park looming, they’re probably going to make a push to keep him. This “strategy” stinks. The front office had the same “plan” with Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano and look what happened.

What I hope is that the front office is posturing and looking as if they don’t have anything up their sleeves. This is what I hope, but I’m not going to hold my breath. What I fear is that this will usher in the Luis Gonzalez era or another aging stop gap. This is a road we’ve been down before and of course, the results have dazzled us all.

I’m going to hold out a little hope that something will happen to get some sort of offense back in a trade. We’ll just have to see what the next few days old.