So Much for Carlos Lee

A couple days late on this, but I was busy getting my heart ripped up with Jad Dean missing a 39 yard field goal with 18 seconds left, to give the much hated South Carolina Gamecocks a 31-28 win over Clemson. Clemson now sits it’s typical 8-4, will go to an average bowl, and will be medicore despite having the best 1-2 punch at HB with James Davis and CJ Spiller. Only one more game of having Will Proctor at QB and Jad Dean kicking. 

Anyway, the Astros signed Carlos Lee to a 6 year deal totaling 100 million dollars. The first 4 years has a complete no-trade clause and the last two have a limited no-trade. I’m a little bummed that the O’s couldn’t seal the deal, but it’s no surprise that Lee went to Houston for several reasons

1. He has a ranch around there. I think it’s in Panama or something, but Houston is close for him and that was a big factor.

2. Houston is closer to contending than we are. Petitte and Clemens likely won’t be back, but they have Oswalt, they signed Williams, and have a couple of young pitchers who are OK.

3. 100 million and no income tax.

We would have had to go to 6 years and 115 million to get this deal done. Lee would have been smart to go to an AL team because in a couple years he’ll be in DH shape.

With this happening, I think the O’s should look to get younger and explore doing some trades. Tejada’s contract is going to look very good with these insane Soriano/Lee contracts. You have think the Angels aren’t satisified by the Gary Matthews Jr signing alone, which is a commitably insane contract.

For a trip down memory lane check this out Mike Tyson’s Knockout was and is one of the best video games ever. I remember those days in elementary school where we’d go to each other’s houses and play. King Hippo was my favorite foe. Ironically, I played the Xbox 360 yesterday for the first time at a friend’s house after that fiasco of a game and it was great stuff, but I miss the old games. The ones that were completely unrealistic. They were fun. Props to, a very good site that I don’t check out near enough.


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